Simple But Confident

What is the meaning of simplicity? It is an easy way to get something done. I like to apply the concept of simplicity to my daily styling problems and solve them easily. Being simple, but not basic!

No matter what I am wearing, I have to be comfortable with the choices I make, otherwise it would be obvious that something is being forced. Even when I am just wearing a basic “blue jeans, white shirt” as long as I am confident enough, my look will scream high fashion.

Self-esteem is a challenge for most people and it isn’t only about clothing, but a mix of factors that gives you that optimism. I am always trying to achieve that “body, mind and spirit” balance in order to keep up my confidence.

My body is my temple and I must take care of it. Eating well, drinking plenty of water, having enough sleep and working out at least 3 times a week are my keys to keep my body healthy.

If the skin is the mirror of our health and soul, what does your skin say about you?

I’ve met so many gorgeous people throughout my life, and some of them were really disappointing intellectually. There is nothing worse than an empty mind. That’s why I like to say that it is extremely important to balance the inside and outside attributes. I am always open to learning something new, and as a strategy to keep my mind healthy, I read!

Whatever it is that you believe in, be loyal to it, feed your spirit, be in peace with yourself and others. I believe that faith can help me to find that balance, and usually free me from those fears that prevent me from believing in myself.

Love yourself, take care of your body, believe in yourself. There was a point in my life when I used to hate myself, I had to learn how to love myself, and once I learned, I started taking care of myself, and being proud of everything I do. Trust me, it is worth it.

Fashion has a huge power of influence on our lives, we just need to learn how to include confidence in our wardrobe to help us in our daily challenges to find balance. Nothing fits better than a pair of confidence! I am looking forward to helping you with this in my next posts.

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