Fall in Colors

The temperature goes down outside and suddenly everyone is wearing black and gray. Come on guys, fall has such a mix of colors itself, let’s stand out and play with these colors for the season.

When you think of fall, which colors come to your mind? I mostly see red and yellow. Those are the main colors I like to play with this time of the year.

Photography by Sha

Red isn’t my favorite color at all, but I usually like to take advantage of it in my wardrobe. Have you ever seen someone not look good in red? Probably not! Red gives you an air of vivaciousness and the look of someone in charge. If you ever feel like in need of being noticed, put on red.

This outfit is inspired by Prospect Park in Brooklyn NY, so get ready for lots of red. I am wearing a long sleeve muscle fit red t-shirt from Topman , black Levi’s pants, and the most important part, the boots that are also from Topman.

Topman is one of my favorite brands, I love how their clothing fits, feels, and looks.

This red t-shirt makes my chest and arms look great. I love when my clothes showcase all the effort I’ve been putting at the gym. This muscle fit line from Topman is really great for this. I highly recommend if you like this tight look.

Photography by Sha

Now let’s talk about these Suede Chelsea Boots. These are my first red boots, actually they are a deep red color like that of burgundy wine. At first I was a little skeptical about how comfortable these boots would be, but guess what? They’re so comfortable, you wouldn’t even believe, it’s just like wearing gym sneakers, but obviously way more stylish.

I am in love with them. I used to have only black boots, but now I am trying to add some colors to my fall look and I am very happy with the results I am getting with the red colors.

Photography by Sha

Sometimes even the fall can be a little aggressive and the weather might ask for a jacket. For this, I recommend a denim jacket representing the beautiful fall afternoon sky.

Photography by Sha

This denim jacket is Cabela’s Outdoor Gear, but I actually got it used from L Train Vintage in Brooklyn NY. I was hanging around in Bushwick last summer when I decided to go inside of this store. I have been there many times before, even though shopping wasn’t the purpose of this particular trip. Anyway, I went inside of L Train Vintage and saw this denim jacket and it was love at first sight. It was even a deal because I only have paid $20 for it. I love a good thrift store find.

I hope you enjoy my fall outfit. If you also like wearing colors different than black and gray during this season, please leave a comment and let me know which color is your favorite.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY | Nov. 2017

Photography by Victor Greboide

2 Replies to “Fall in Colors”

  1. Great article… Fall is actually my favorite time of the year and I do agree, it’s the best time to layer and be at our fashionable best.

    Once again, great article and I love the Chelsea boots 👍🏼


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