Weekend From Head to Toe

The weekend is my favorite part of the week mostly because of the people. On weekends we get to hangout with our family and friends and can dedicate some time for ourselves and do the things we love. That’s why people are usually more happy and creative on Saturday and Sunday, because they are dedicating that time for their passion.

The weekend usually allows me to dedicate some time setting me up for the upcoming week. I do laundry, grocery shopping, and some apartment cleaning. Once that is done I am ready to do the things I really love like going to the gym, hanging out with friends, exploring the park or whatever I’m feeling that day.

Photography by Sha

What do you usually wear on weekends? I like to feel comfortable and practical. That doesn’t mean I have to look scruffy. I love an athletic look. The real challenge is to make them look fashionable.

Today’s outfit is inspired by the fall weekends and its chores. During the fall you need some sort of jacket to protect you from the cold winds but heavy coats aren’t necessary.

Photography by Sha

A good track suit is essential for everyone’s wardrobe. It will work perfectly for that weekend walk in the park or quick stop at the grocery store.

I am wearing Adidas from head to toe here. Adidas is one my favorite athletics brands and their track suits are pretty awesome. Per this Pharrel Williams track suit which is inspired by “the scenic trail hiking in the Los Angeles sunshine” – it’s an awesome choice for the season.

The white accent is beautiful and I love that is different from the standard black or gray. But my favorite part about this look are the triangles all over the suit that give the impression of texture, providing great and unique style.

Photography by Sha

Besides my passion for track suits, this outfit also reveals another passion of mine, the high tops sneakers. I am wearing Pro-Model by Adidas, which is a high-cut version of the of the Adidas Superstar.

These suede sneakers come in a chalk color with the 3 stripes matching and the iconic rubber shell toe. This is one of my favorites high tops sneakers from Adidas that could even be worn with a nice high end suit.

But this particular look is about being comfortable while still looking good. I chose a track suit style that was out of the ordinary and had some style to it. The different print of small triangles and the not-so common color of hemp and white helped the piece stand out.

The shoes are pretty popular, but again, the chalk white color with the matching 3 stripes and the texture of a suede added a lot of style to it. I feel like the hottest dressed person in New York would wear this while doing laundry on a Sunday.

I hope you had enjoyed my weekend inspired outfit. If you also love track suits and high tops sneakers as much as I do, leave a comment and let me know which ones are your favorites.

Photography by Sha

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