Snow Season

If someone ask me:

– Which season is your favorite?

I most likely will reply:

– What season are we in?

I don’t think I have a favorite season, but I for sure can enjoy what each one of them has to offer me.

Right now it is winter time and also New York City, so it’s blizzard season. Yes, you will face a lot of snow.

Photography by Shanese Narcisse

As I have probably said before, I am not much a fan of big coats – I love to feel free with plenty of mobility. During the winter I obsess over thermal underwear. These layers are really magical and do their work keeping you warm.

For this winter outfit I am wearing a layer of Heattech Extra Warm Thermals from Uniqlo (top and bottom). My favorite 502 black jeans from Levi’s and this green long sleeves t-shirt also from Levi’s. Gloves are from H&M and the necklace from Topman.

Photography by Shanese Narcisse

It did get a little colder than I expected, so I better put on a jacket. The jacket I am wearing is a Uniqlo feather bomber jacket. This jacket is like my best partner in the wintertime, I love it and I have had it for 3 winters so far. It is warm, comfortable and not too puffy.

I really hope we have more snow storms this winter as I am very excited to share more blizzard outfits with you guys. Let me know what do you think leaving a comment and don’t forget to drop that like. I appreciate!

Photography by Shanese Narcisse

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