Winter Break 2018

The winter is beautiful indeed, wearing jackets and coats make you look fabulous. The snow looks magical and the cold weather creates those romantic moments for a hot chocolate or a fondue date.

How satisfying is to take a break from studies or work? If you are already bored with the low temperatures, take a break and go somewhere warm. Do like the birds and fly across the country, or even beyond, go to Brazil.

Photography by Shanese Narcisse

For my winter break look I am wearing this sleeveless shirt from Topman. I bought this t-shirt in MMXVII which is 2017 in roman numerals and I guess I’ll have to upgrade to 2018 soon!

This tank top also has a print of geographic coordinates. To be honest, I didn’t know what that was about at first, but I checked the coordinates on Google Maps and turns out these coordinates are from the biggest cities in the world (Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, London and Paris).

Photography by Shanese Narcisse

I love wearing shorts, even when isn’t warm enough and I don’t even have that good legs. I just like to feel comfortable.

In this outfit I am wearing those burgundy stretch skinny chino shorts from Topman. They’re so cute and I love them. Need to buy some more of these shorts in the other colors!

This was my 2018 winter break look, I hope you enjoyed and got inspired for a winter break. Don’t forget to drop that like and let me know your thoughts on a comment. I appreciate!

Photography by Shanese Narcisse

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