The Month Of Love

Welcome to February! The second month of the year and most known as the month of love. Yes boys, Valentine’s Day is coming…

Do you have a Valentine to celebrate with? It doesn’t really matter, love is beautiful and should be celebrated regardless of its form. Especially the first type of love, self-love.

Photography by Christian Gomez

First of all, love yourself. If you are going to love someone else, you should make sure to show some love for yourself. Make time to please yourself too.

This month I decided to commit to myself and eat, move, act and speak like I love myself.

Photography by Christian Gomez

Let’s talk about about my love inspired outfit. I have said before that red isn’t my favorite color, but here I am wearing red again. Maybe things are changing? But I couldn’t pick a different color to represent love. Red is love and red is awesome.

I love this casual short sleeve dress shirt, I have so many of these in different prints and colors. For this love outfit I am wearing a red with white dots shirt from Forever 21. It is comfortable and also affordable.

Photography by Christian Gomez

If you didn’t notice, I am barefoot in this picture. There is a purpose, I want to introduce you to this new sock company that I already love so much.

Imaginary Socks was founded in the end of last year and they’re coming to the market with great new ideas and style. Check them out and visit their website I love their quote of the month: “You choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color” Gary Oldman. So true!

Photography by Christian Gomez

They just released this limited edition Valentine’s Day socks featuring Teddy V and Heart2Heart designs. They are so cute and comfortable, I am in love!

Here is a tip, if you are thinking of giving someone a gift this Valentine’s Day, get them these socks, or just give it to yourself. I love giving myself presents!

Photography by Christian Gomez

These socks are so soft, breathable and it feels so good. They’re crafted from 100% cotton. And the size was just perfect as you can see in the pictures, it fits perfectly.

Can’t wait to wear them on my Valentine’s Day date and I will make sure that my heartmate wears one too!

Photography by Christian Gomez

I hope you enjoyed my love inspired outfit and socks. Let me know what you think on the comments area below. Happy Month of Love!

Photography by Christian Gomez

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