That Jacket

Do you have that jacket that is your best buddy? That’s my relationship with my Members Only Jacket. I stick with it for whatever the occasion, from fall to spring and sometimes even in the summer.

Photography by Shanese Narcisse

This is the Navy Men’s Faux Leather Iconic Racer jacket from Members Only. This jacket is so cool because it has all the fixings of the classic iconic jacket, but in faux leather material.

The front chest pocket and the throat latch are my favorite parts of these jackets, it adds such a great style to it. You can basically use it for your daily activities, or even for a special occasion.

Photography by Shanese Narcisse

The versatility of this jacket is an extremely important part why I love it so much, but the style it is with no doubt the main reason.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite jacket post, if you did so, show me some love below dropping a like and a comment. Let me know which are your favorite jackets! I would appreciate it, maybe even use it for next posts. Thanks for reading!

Photography by Shanese Narcisse

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